Expert Tips for Storing and Chilling Wine

What if you have a party at home and your friends have demanded perfectly chilled Riesling? If you’ve ever been in this circumstance, you know that knowing how to cool wine quickly is essential. One method is to get a mini wine chiller from that will not cost you much. Being a popular and reputable seller, they are serving people with the best available wine coolers like caple wi6143.

If you’re tight on budget and don’t have enough money to get a wine cooler, then we have some tips for you. Well, never ever put ice in wine as it will dilute it. Don’t put your wine bottles in a standard refrigerator as it will ruin your wine’s taste or worse, the bottle will brust.

There are more sensible methods to get a perfectly chilled glass of wine. Try them out to chill your wine amazingly by keeping the taste of wine good.

Things to take care of when storing wine

One of the most important factors to consider is temperature. If it is not ideally set, then your wine’s aroma and everything will be ruined. Store your wine between 45 to 65 degrees. Neither too low nor too high. Moreover, frequent ups and downs in temperature is not acceptable where wine is placed. Another thing to consider is humidity. Too much humidity can cause the cork to dry out which will become a passage to the oxygen. Oxidation is not a healthy reaction for wine so keep the humidity at an ideal percentage i.e. 70%. One focus is a vibration that is also not good for wine. Continuous vibration can cause complex chemical reactions in the liquid that contributes to making flavours dull.

Store bottle in a dark room

Direct exposure to light is the real enemy of the bottle. It is preferred to store wine bottles in a dark room to protect the aromas and flavours.

Coldwater and salt together (Last minute hack)

Submerge your wine bottles in cold water with ice cubes and salt. Salt lowers the freezing process which helps in quick and amazing chilling.

Fill your wine glass with frozen grapes

You can’t put ice cubes in wine as they’ll cause dilution. You can use an alternative to the ice cubes i.e. frozen grapes.

Put wine in the fridge with a damp towel

Cover the wine bottle in a damp towel and place it in a freezer. The towel will freeze quickly keeping the wine bottle cold at the desired temperature.

Important takeaways

Temperature can change the taste of wine, so getting it exactly right is crucial. Moreover, humidity concerns are also important. If you don’t have a wine cooler and don’t know what to do, last-minute hacks like putting frozen grapes, submerging wine bottles in cold saltwater, and putting a damp towel-covered bottle in a fridge are appropriate and amazing. These expert handy tips and tricks can save you at the last minute. Don’t forget to try them out when you’re in a hurry.

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